Fashion Forward

November 17, 2008

I’m in a bit of a situation at the moment. I need to find an outfit for my graduation on the 28th. I’m still trying to decide what style to go for. One part of me wants to get something that reflects my normal style choices and the other half wants to go for something more sophisticated… basically something that I normally don’t go try to achieve on any level.

I’ve spent the last two days scowering the internet looking at different websites, mainly designer ones, in the hope of seeing something that will take my fancy. Although even if I did, its not like I’d ever be able to afford the fucking thing! I found this coat that I have simply fallen in love with…

It is beautiful, no?

Anyway I’ll need to find someone who is willing to fund this shopping expedition as I won’t be able to afford it by myself. The joys of being a failure in the workplace coming back to haunt me once again!