Holy facial structure batman!

There I was, just out of bed and looking for a nice way to pull myself from my sleepy state, so I turn on the computer. Of course the first thing I log on to is Robsessed and oh Toto! Look what I’ve found! Lovely, beautiful and oh so fantastic pictures of Rob coming out of a hotel. How does he manage to look so hot with a beanie on I’ll never figure out! The post can be found here but the picture I’m referring to with the whole ‘facial structure’ thing is in fact this one…

It is FAR too early for my ovaries to be receiving this sort of workout! Please excuse the vulgarity but his eyes in that photo do strange things to me. Not to mention this one..

Gah!!! Ok enough of that for now.

Plans for the rest of day involve avoiding my boss some more. She rang me at half 11 this morning to ask me can I cover her tomorrow but seeing as she has me working EVERY day of the forthcoming Easter holidays, she can fuck right off! That’s bold. Oh well, whats worse is I gave a really crap excuse which I know at another point I will forget about and I’ll get caught rapid. But I’ll deal with her later. Right now I need to punish myself on very extreme levels by exercising. I am not athletic in the slightest and only run when I’m going to miss the bus. Yes I’m one of those people.

Bring on screaming muscles and collapsing lungs. Maybe I should go a different route than yesterday and not smoke while on the skiing machine. That’s surely can’t help right?

I’ll only smoke during the warm up…


Thanks to Robsessedpattinson.com for the photos!