Back to form… I think!

December 9, 2008

Well I just got burned!

Have you ever blocked someone on MSN because they were always a little too enthusiastic when speaking to you and you started to get really annoyed when ever you would speak to them?You’ve blocked them for quite some time and suddenly you see their name on your list and start to feel that small feeling of guilt burn in your belly? And then you do your charitable deed for the day and unblock them? And then as soon as you do they hop online and mail you in, what you know is a sweet and sugar coated annoying voice, ‘Hi!’….. Yes well that has just happened to me now and man do I feel burned! As soon as I saw that persons name appear on my screen all I could think was ‘Ah for fuck sake!’.

Anyway, my plan to blog every day has kind of backfired in my face. I’ve been very sick lately so I’m going to use that as an excuse… sort of.

So I’ve also gone back on my original idea of keeping my recently cleared computer from music and photos. I’ve gone on a rampage and downloaded any music, photos or software I can. The software was so that I could turn the .flav files into mp3’s so I suppose that doesn’t really count. I downloaded a Chemical Brothers album… one of the more recent ones, it has the Salmon Dance on it. Anyway I downloaded it because I’ve had an obsession with a certain song what was used in a certain ad with a certain male in it who I have also become obsessed with…

Mat Gordon… yum! 😀 Its quite pathetic actually, I’ve an entire folder worth of photos of him! And I know he’s gay which just make it worse! 😛 But man does he look sharp in a suit, or out of the suit, depends what photo I’m looking at! hahaha

*cough* anyway…. where was I… ah yes. Bill Bailey! So I watched ‘Part Troll’ again the other day and I forgot how much I loved that gig!! That guy is seriously a genius!

I want to download that BBC news theme and listen to it on a night out or something! hahaha It’d be like that Faithless gig I went to years ago, mad techno music in the middle of a field and everyone going insane and the music around you makes you feel like its the second coming or something! God I love that feeling! Same happened during Chemical Brothers at Oxegen years ago, Daft Punk two years ago and then this year at Electric Picnic when I was on my own with about 20 people, going insane at this random totem pole where there was a DJ box attached to it and this pumping rave music coming from it and surrounding us in the forest… god that was class!

Ok…flashback over.

Man my life isn’t half as exciting as it used to be! Maybe its because I’m not drinking as much.. HAHAHAHAHA!

What a depressing thought that is! I have to start going to more gigs, this whole poverty thing is not all its cracked up to be! I’m sick of missing out on stuff just because I have no money! When Christmas is over I’ll start!

Another random change in subject, I’ve been cleaning my room for the past 4 days and I still haven’t managed to dust, hoover, clear the hump of clothes off the floor or completely cleared my bedside locker from glasses and cups. I found a knife under my pillow last night! Thats how bad it is!!! hahaha! And did I bring it downstairs?! Oh no!! I just put it back under and told myself to remember it was there when I was fixing my pillow during the night! ROFL Seriously my level of laziness has risen in this past month. Before it was bad but now its gotten to the stage where I can’t remember what it was like before.

Somehow I still think it involved 4 million hair clips scattered on my bedroom floor…



Time for change

November 15, 2008

So I have finally taken the plunge and have started my own blog. I have a vague idea as to how this came about however I still do not know the extent and purpose of it.

Will I use it as a diary? A notepad? A place to broadcast the inner workings of my mind? That I don’t know. We shall see over the course of the next three months how it evolves, if at all. If not it will perish, just like many a random thing I had thought at the time to be a bright idea.

I suppose this is a time of change in my life. Or rather things have already changed and it is only now I am realising it. Recently I have had many a change in perspectives, change in priorities. This does not bode well as those who I am close with will well know. I have spent a large portion of my life going about things a certain way or with a certain frame of mind and it is disturbing to say the least that this shift, whatever it is, has me putting all of this now in question.

Perhaps I’m just growing up. No, I really don’t think thats it. I find it all very hard to put in to words, something I hope that this blog will enable me to do in the future. Hence, this is my target practice!

Well this has been the first post, a journey already embarked on… Lets see where it leaves me shall we?