Well I’ve returned from work. Nothing very exciting happened. I declined a curry take away which I am very proud of myself for… I know, gold star sticker for me. Although I don’t know if I did entirely well as I bought a pot noodle. Well, I can try again tomorrow.

Quite a boring day actually. There was a guy sitting behind me on the bus going in to town, he was nice. Smelled of old carpet and was talking to himself, screaming out racial slurs any time someone who wasn’t Irish was walking down the street. I totally got his number.

I’ve been really clumsy ass frickin’ day. I’ve tripped up I don’t know how many times, dipped my sleeve in tea more than 3 times and ended up with coffee on my upper arm. For once everything stayed clear of the face. I just look like I’m dressed like a hobbo instead of being a scruffy bitch. That I can live with. (”,)

I’m thinking about posting my photography on here, I should know by tomorrow. But I’ll throw a link to it in the sidebar anywho. My gallery on deviantart has gotten over 7,000 views!!!! I’m so happy!!! *does happy dance* woo hoo!

New post of HQ pictures on Robsessed that have now made my wallpaper…Is it wrong that I want to start at his ankles and move up? Hope not… Here’s another one.

THANK YOU! na na na na na na na na na na THANK YOU! A little bit of AC/DC to show my appreciation to both Robsessed and the man himself for being a fine ass motherf**ker. hahahhaha

For the rest of the evening I think I will scour youtube and watch perhaps Rob’s funniest moments. Here’s the first video, I think there’s 8 parts in total? I don’t know. But enjoy anyway!

Night for now!


Holy facial structure batman!

There I was, just out of bed and looking for a nice way to pull myself from my sleepy state, so I turn on the computer. Of course the first thing I log on to is Robsessed and oh Toto! Look what I’ve found! Lovely, beautiful and oh so fantastic pictures of Rob coming out of a hotel. How does he manage to look so hot with a beanie on I’ll never figure out! The post can be found here but the picture I’m referring to with the whole ‘facial structure’ thing is in fact this one…

It is FAR too early for my ovaries to be receiving this sort of workout! Please excuse the vulgarity but his eyes in that photo do strange things to me. Not to mention this one..

Gah!!! Ok enough of that for now.

Plans for the rest of day involve avoiding my boss some more. She rang me at half 11 this morning to ask me can I cover her tomorrow but seeing as she has me working EVERY day of the forthcoming Easter holidays, she can fuck right off! That’s bold. Oh well, whats worse is I gave a really crap excuse which I know at another point I will forget about and I’ll get caught rapid. But I’ll deal with her later. Right now I need to punish myself on very extreme levels by exercising. I am not athletic in the slightest and only run when I’m going to miss the bus. Yes I’m one of those people.

Bring on screaming muscles and collapsing lungs. Maybe I should go a different route than yesterday and not smoke while on the skiing machine. That’s surely can’t help right?

I’ll only smoke during the warm up…


Thanks to Robsessedpattinson.com for the photos!

Obsessions Rock!

April 7, 2009

Ah well this is my first post in, what is it? *checks watch* Two years? Grand. Well no time like the present to restart an old project that got lost on my ‘to do list’. And after only one post? Dreadful! I actually started another blog in the meantime over on WordPress but I got bored with that one. I found that I complained an awful lot. Plus it seems like there was too much competition over there. I was obsessed with view counts. Quite pathetic really.

The reason I came back here happened by accident really. I have been an avid reader of a certain Robert Pattinson fansite and I started to leave comments in the hope that I could share my obsession with someone as equally fanatic as myself. That actually failed as no one replied to my comments or anything! Oh well.

Damn I’m complaining again! 😛 Ok change tactic.

So my obsession with Robert Pattinson has of course reached new ground. My friend bought me a book on the man in question, full of very nice pictures and included a very nice and very large picture of Rob that I could hang on my bedroom wall. Now at my age I usually deliberate for quite some time on what I should hang up and what should be left in a secret drawer. I have problems letting go of that ‘teenage obsession’ frame of mind you see. Although at the ripe old age of 22 I can be forgiven for having such tendency’s but I do like to think that I am making nice progress in to the world of adult hood and am passed the stage of adorning my wall with posters and instead have very nice and very smart artistic works.

Yeah, that concept kind of flew out the window as soon as I saw the poster.

Immediately I started laughing and scanned the room quickly to see where would be the best spot. It now hangs pride of place beside my mirror so I can catch glimpses of myself and Rob together in my head. I am a sane person. I swear. Its just this man… guh! When that–>
GQ article came out… I thought my stomach was going to fold in on itself. It was actually painful!!

So I’m going to bring my first post in over two years to an abrupt end. Main reason being because I actually saved this as a draft over two hours ago and I can’t remember what I was saying! hahaha But alas, I hope to post more often, about Rob, life and anything else I can think of. R.I.P former blog… a new era has begun.

How profound. ROFL 😀

Credit to RobsessedPattinson.com for the photo! (”,)