December 17, 2008

I feel so alone with all of this. My mum was taken in to hospital with respiratory problems. It would be great to have a sibling to help with all of this. A sibling or a partner perhaps. Everyone is really worried about me because I’m on my own and to be honest I’m worried about myself too. I don’t know if I’m handling all of this as well as I should. I’m trying to be strong but I’m wondering if I’m strong enough or going about everything the right way.

Christmas is cancelled this year.


and it all began….

September 3, 2007

this is my first blog but I am not going to start off with all that bull, in where I give my life story in a few short paragraphs because quite frankly I couldn’t be arsed. another reason is because i don’t want people to know either unless you were/are living through it all with me.

I will however indulge you all in what I am currently doing. Sitting at a reception desk for a radio station in Dublin. Not naming anything, just to be sure.

Anyway, was at the Electric festival picnic this weekend. I think over the course of the past 4 days, I have slept a grand total of 6 hours. Wonderful. I have already done my moaning and eaten my breakfast bar at the bus stop and indulged myself with self pity at the same time so I don’t really want to go down that road again. All I really want to do is for the next 2 hours to go by smoothly. Although in fairness, I had very much anticipated today as I didn’t know what to expect. But really, I could see myself doing this more often… ha ha ha! 😀